DnD Story #239 – Tavern Talk #2. Breaking and Entering

The group mistakes a seclusive residence for an abandoned home.


The group, Dwarven Cleric, Dwarven Samurai, Dragonborn Monk, and the Gnomish Bard. The scenario, the group find themselves high atop the Mountains of Thrask and see an unlit, snowcovered house in severe disrepair.

 They decide to head there for shelter from the snowstorm. I, the dm, silently applaud them as this is the plot hook i was waiting to use. Group approaches front door.

 The monk "I check to see if it is locked." It most certainly is. "Guy's the door is locked." The group talks for a minute, loudly, about how terrible this is that they have no rogue to pick the lock.

 Then, Almost in unison the 2 dwarves announce "We got this." Me, the dm, "wait what" The 2 dwarves, "we make strength checks" Me, "Wait. WHAT" "23!" "24!" 

Now they both slam the front door with their axe and hammer. Door, in disrepair, flys off its hinges and scares the daylights out of the residents. Group instantly hears an old voice shout "DEAR GODS WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!"

 The group share the "we messed up look" with each other. Then the bard rushes in attempting to save the day. "Guys i got this!" She rolls to rush a persuade check to tell the man that they are not a threat and it was an accident. 

Bard rolls a nat 1. Rushes in shouting "Oh wow this is such a nice house you have up here! We are so sorry I think we knocked too hard!" The resident, panicked, begins loading a ranged weapon in the back room. Group all nail their perceptions and hear this. The bard player shouts ooc "Oh god he is getting a gun!" The other 3 players, "This is dnd they dont have guns!" Bard "Oh god he is getting a crossbow!" The man comes out of the back room with the weapon pointed at the group.

 Cleric "I ready an action to cast shield of faith"

 Monk "I ready myself for a fight"

 Samurai "I place my hand on my hammer and attempt to look menacing"

Bard "Wait he lives here?" 

Me "Do you ask that?"

 Bard "Yeah i ask that! Look at him! He is like 200 years old living in the MOUNTAINS!"

Cleric "and his weapon wasnt even loaded…"

Bard "And his weapon wasnt loaded!"

Monk "Who does he think he is?"

Samurai "This man needs to be in an old folks home."

Because I was so stunned they reasoned that my personal reaction should be considered the mimic'd action of the resident as I, as DM, was technically him as well and the groups reaction if it confused me in a calm situation would definitely confuse the resident. Crafty players of mine.



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