DnD Story #240 – Tiny Drinking Champion

Pixie + Wild Magic Surge = Profit


We're running a campaign in 5e, with a zany assortment of characters. One of our PCs is a Wild Magic Sorcerer / Glamour Bard Pixie (from Unearthed Arcana). She's the shortest they come, clocking in at a grand 9 inches tall. After casting Shatter on a group of goblins, she proc'd a Wild Magic Surge. Rolled the percentile, and suddenly the buzz she had going from a drinking binge earlier went away.  It turns out she can't get intoxicated for 15 days no matter how much she drinks. Now you have the ultimate drinking contest con artist. She has to pee like a horse, but she can outdrink the stoutest dwarf. We're gonna make a ton of money off that little drunkard.


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