DnD Story #241 – The gang goes to the Inn

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Pathfinder campaign…

Our group ventures into a local inn to talk to people about this unfamiliar plane of existence that we found ourselves in.

Our intellectuals of the group find fellow adventurers, and an old wizard and proceed to converse.

Brutus the half-orc Gunslinger (me) realises that we have no currency for this town, and decides to scope out the bar for some sucker to buy him a drink. With a not great preception roll, he finds a table with a couple attractive women. He approaches. "Good evening ladies…" Brutus then notices that there are also two men who appear to be their significant others. Although Brutus isnt very intelligent, he's wise enough to know when to walk away.

He continues his search. He finds a woman alone in a corner with 12 empty mugs, crying as she writes on a piece of paper. Brutus turns the other way and continues looking. He then sees a very attractive woman at another table and she only has two empty mugs, and seems to be studying several books. He approaches. "Good evening ma'am." The woman however, is so caught up in the book, she doesnt notice.

Brutus then approaches the bar, and tells the bartender "two ales on her tab (points to drunk lonely crying mess). Bluff check passes, and with a confused look from the bartender, i take the two ales to the nerdy gal, and offer one up to her. After some great conversation (and A LOT of bluff checks) things appear to be going very well. Until….

The drunk mess approaches and says that I never brought her her drink, so to avoid anything more with this girl, i give her mine. She pounds it, and says, "im gonna have some fun with you…" And she picks me up with a single hand and throws me over her shoulder. Uh oh….

In an effort to avoid a night of regret, I convince her that our newest recruit, Zinad, is much more handsome and seems into her. Bluff check, nat 20. She agrees, and without letting me down, she tosses the innocent, unsuspecting Zinad over her other shoulder.

With the help of our tengu friend, Jakka, we manage to escape the impeding rape by a werewolf/human, and run away. The dazed drunk werewolf begins to run after us, and Jakka tries to convince a patron to take our place…. He fails his bluff roll. I then ask the patron "please?" And with a successful bluff, he walks toward a raging horny werewolf to his inevitable fate.

We left the inn to screams of an innocent bargoer getting violated in the hallway.


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