DnD Story #248 – Not the children!


So, my warrior in our Dragon Age tabletop is a noblewoman who was basically raised in the castle that became a guardswoman. She’s best friends with the Prince and is considered a second daughter by the Queen. They were in a fight with a brainwashed friend who was controlling shadow warriors; the friend had kidnapped the queen and so, of course, my warrior, Astrid, placed herself in a defensive position in front of the unconscious queen whilst fighting these shadow warriors. She killed one and turned to face a second one; desperate to protect her mother figure and queen, she beheaded the second one… and the shadows melted away to reveal that the shadow warrior was one of the children they had saved in a recent session. And she had beheaded her. Being a good-aligned woman, this screwed with her head pretty badly. When the fight was over, they managed to stabilize and save all but two of the children- the two Astrid had killed. Needless to say, it’s haunting her pretty badly now. She now has nightmares about the beheaded girl coming after her and asking over and over again why she killed her. It’s great.


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