DnD Story #25

By: Maxwell Elkiss


So this story goes back to a few months ago when I first started being the DM of a campaign with five of my fraternity brothers. The campaign starts off as many campaigns do: The party’s in a bar, the party gets their quest and they go into the forest to reach their objective which was located on a mountain.  Well, sure enough, I have the party face off against a large group of bandits, which they take on quite well. That is until two bears named “Mr. Bear” and “Mrs. Bear” decide to join in the slaughtering of bandits since they were encroaching on their territory. The party’s Totem Spirit Barbarian (An Orc) noticing that Mrs. Bear was coming towards them decided to use his Animal Speak spell to try to convince Mrs. Bear they were not with the bandits.  Sure enough, he rolls a nat 20 and Mrs. Bear and he has a nice conversation about the weather as Mr. Bear is killing off the last few Bandits. At this point in time, the party Rogue (A Gnome) who has made nothing but sub-par rolls decided he wanted to help Mr. Bear by killing off the last few bandits he was fighting with his bow.  This caused a five-minute argument within the group. Fearing that the rogue would fail the roll, in the event that he missed the bandits and hit Mr. Bear, many of the party members protested. Nevertheless, the Rogue rolled for an attack asking “What’s the worse that could happen?” He rolled a 1 which resulted in his arrow whizzing past the two remaining bandits and striking Mr. Bear right between the eyes.  Trying to salvage the situation, the Rogue asked me if he could make a Stealth check to see if the Bears didn’t notice where the arrow came from. I smiled and allowed him to roll again as he spoke with such confidence saying “Don’t worry guys, I got this” He rolled another 1. Both bears noticed and our Barbarian’s incredible attempt in Bear Diplomacy ended in a Spectacular Failure. Final casualty report: 15 bandits, two happily married bears, our Barbarian’s chill and our Rogue’s ego.


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