DnD Story #250 – Trying to get some

TL;DR: My Rouge tries to seduce women as character trait. After spending evening whooing a woman he tries to lie and hilarity ensues


So my Arcane Trickster (Rogue) has a thing for trying to seduce women. After finding a mark for the night he spent a while on a date and was trying to get some. He lies and tells her that he has a room at the fanciest inn of the town. He took her up to the suites and used his hidden mage hand to pick the door while they approached to say the room was his. The DM said he'd roll and said there was a 33% change for a). the room to be empty b). the room to be rented to somone else, but no one home or c). somone was there. The first room they went into had a halfling warlord in the bath, so we made a hasty retreat. Undetered he lies and says it was the next room over (very charismatic, so his bluffing was top). The DM rolls to see if the room is empty, and smiles wickedly. The Rouge's sister was there (it wasn't estbalished whether or not he had any siblings, so we allowed it)… After that he ended up getting a room and the girl failed a constitution check to stay awake… So a wasted night and 40 gold down after about an hour of role play


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