DnD Story #252 – Ghostly Chaos

Meeting up with my party after a harsh battle, I almost kill them by summoning a ghost.


One of the most memorable sessions on our campaign for me so far. Pre-note: I took the bones from the haunted house to make a shield using my lizard crafting abilities. The DM made a custom magic item.

Party: lizardfolk sorcerer/barbarian, gnome rouge, goblin fighter, human fighter/paladin, elf wizard, 3 NPC’s, and one new member.

I had not been in our past session, intentionally writing myself out by walking to a windmill while my companions rode. Turns out our party had faced off against a witch and she had done a lot of damage to them , killing a NPC we had with us, turning our goblin who also wasn’t there into stone, and our group got a new player.

Joining up my character was fine, acknowledging our two NPC’s burying our third and seeing a similar statue like our companion until I saw the witch’s cart knowing she meant trouble for us. Realizing the goblin statue was our party member and not seeing the gnome (who I called hatching) I proceeded to hand off the goblin statue to the wizard, telling him to fix him and went storming into the windmill our fighter following. The gnome was with our new member on the third floor where they had discovered some kids locked in a cage.

I stopped at the second floor as a white goblin in a cage started to yell at me. It was at this point I started to rage trying to break open the cage to get answers. Our fighter tried to calm me down, but the new member came down to see what was making the all the noise. Since we had never met and he mentioned the gnome was upstairs I tried to force my way up the stairs while he stopped me seeing as I was a crazy lizard creature looking for a “hatchling”. At this point most of our party had come up stairs (our goblin now un-petrified) and were surrounding me so I used one of the features of the bone shield I had crafted. The ability enabled me to attempt to frighten everyone. All but our fighter were affected who moved behind me on the stairs punching me to try to knock me out non-lethally.

At this point it hadn’t been too bad, our wizard tried to cast sleep on me and then tried to grease the stairs causing our fighter to slide off them. But my shield had a second feature which, depending on the roll, cast a random spell from a list or summon a ghost child from it. Which it did. The ghost possessed our new member letting me pass upstairs. Our gnome had been trying as best as she could to keep the kids with her calm wanted me to leave as I was scaring them. I agreed only if she left with me, which she did. I stopped raging, then jumped off the third floor with her, feather falling to the ground and choosing to fall asleep as my character was very tired from walking a few hours to the windmill.

Back to the party, the ghost girl was causing chaos. It turns out I had rolled keeping her around for 9 rounds. Randomly using spells from that list she used mage armor on the wizard, then magic missile next round causing him to start to die, and decided to bang our new companion’s head against the wall putting his hp under 5. Our wizard, after being healed with the last healing spell our fighter/paladin had, responded by casting sleep on our new companion making the ghost leave. Our goblin had run upstairs saw me jump downstairs and had come back down while the gnome decided to go back up to the kids now that I was asleep. The ghost then possessed our wizard and cast darkness with all our party in the room. She walked our wizards body downstairs and grabbed two potions from the cabinet our wizard had left open getting an antidote for our goblin. She handed them to our NPC’s as they finished their funeral saying they were healing potions. Only one drank causing him to be poisoned and take enough damage to start dying. Our NPC that didn’t drink attacked our wizard causing him to start dying as well and the ghost free of anyone’s body.

With out new companion still sleeping, our gnome watching from above, and our fighter not able roll his way out of the darkness our goblin made his way outside, took my weapons, and bridled me with rope in the hope he could wake me to fix what I had caused. I awoke, shocking grasped him off my head and bite through the rope. As I walked over to use my healers kit on our wizard the ghost failed to possess our goblin while our gnome tried to shoot it with her crossbow. Finally enough rounds had passed where the ghost returned to my shield and we stabilized our NPC. Needless to say everyone was mad at me, especially for the fact that I had taken these kids bones instead of having their spirits been lain to rest.



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