DnD Story #253 – Almost Died


So my party consisting of a halfling barbarian (me) an elf cleric and a human rouge/sorcerer are all running from a pack of Hellhounds and a slow moving lava flow. We were running back to the entrance to the hallway and we had to stop and dispel a ward on the only entrance (dispel magic being a temporary effect) and a strength check to lift the potrculis. Sorcerer succeeds dispel magic, me and cleric succeed strength. Reflex save to get through before the portculis closes, only my halfling barb succeeds. Luckily i rolled high inititive so i got to make first action. Naturally my move was to attempt to lift the portculis to save my party, first try fail, second try nat 20. At first my thought is “yes! now we can run and the portculis should hold the hounds long enough for the ward to return, locking them in” but instead of just lifting it up, my 4′ tall 120lb halfling barbarian uses his nat 20 to rip the portculis free of the archway. “Oh crap” is my first thought. My two team mates meanwhile start to run until I come up with a plan to stand our ground at the arch and hold them off until the ward returns in 3 full rounds. Luckily the hallway is only wide enough for two hounds standing shoulder to shoulder so it’s not a hard fight. 1st round goes well, Hellhounds are pretty resistant to physical attacks but we aren’t worried about killing them at this point, 2nd round goes ok, until I fail a grapple check and am dragged past the arch and into the DANGER ZONE! At this point I start to panic a bit. If Im on the wrong side of that ward when it comes back, Im going to be one crispy and chewed up halfling. My turn comes, I make a grapple check, success! I retreat back and provoke an attack of opportunity from bboth hounds. I avoid one but get hit be the other. But I manage to get back through the arch. The round ends, the ward goes up, and we are safe. Our take away? One purple draw string bag the size of a human fist, full of incredibly powerful dust. No idea what that dust does yet though. Can’t wait to find out what I almost died for!


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