DnD Story #254 – The Owlbear Incident

During one of our first Pathfinder sessions we were tasked to go out to a nearby farm to investigate what had been killing various cattle and one NPC...


During one of our first Pathfinder sessions (most of us were new to the game, only the DM and one other player had lots of experience playing), we were tasked to go out to a nearby farm to investigate what had been killing various cattle and one NPC.

We travel there, talk to the owner and some farm hands to get the full story. Turns out there was an owlbear that came to kill and eat whatever it could find every 3 days, and we had arrived a day before it would strike next (conveniently). Now, owlbears are known to be extremely vicious and our DM had warned us via the NPCs that it would probably take some planning to try to capture or kill it.

So we got some of the NPCs to dig a deep pit near where the fence had been broken by the beast so that we could lure it into falling in with some bait. For extra measure, one of our party members used two stubborn nails and some rope and set it up so that the owlbear might trip over it, sending it down into the pit. Everything was set up, and the next day rolls around.As promised, the owlbear shows up. It comes loping towards us, DM tells us to roll inits. 

I get a good roll, so my Ninja gets to attack first with her longbow, hoping to do a little bit of preliminary damage. I roll a 20, confirm, and do a susbstantial amount of damage. The DM is mildly surprised, must have been a lucky shot. The second highest roll was from our Fighter, who also has a shortbow, so she fires as well. She rolls a 20, confirms, and also does a sustantial amount of damage. Wow, the DM says, as he describes our shots. Very good shots. The others couldn’t do much from long range, so they elect to wait and prepare actions and buffs. 

The owlbear approaches, two arrows sticking out of its shoulder and chest. It is predictably very angry. It gets 20ft from the pit on its turn, then its back to me. My Ninja, who is still a safe distance from this thing, shoots one more arrow. I roll a 20. I’m flabergasted, but roll again to confirm. I roll another 20, and confirm my double crit. My DM just puts a hand on his face and asks me dejectedly to roll damage. I do. The DM hesitates a moment, picks up his pencil and scribbles on his paper with a small smile on his face.

You fire your second arrow, says the DM, and you can feel the fletch on the end just touch your cheek as it flies true. The arrow sinks into one of the beast’s small, beady eyes and into its brain, killing it instantly. Because of its momentum, as it crashes on the ground it slides the next 15ft and stops just a yard from your pit.

Wait, so it’s dead? I ask.

Yup. says the DM.

Let’s just say there was much cheerful yelling and celebrating from myself and the rest of the party, with many a high-five.

And that’s the story of how our party took down an owlbear with only 3 arrows.



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