DnD Story #255 – Minecart Mayhem

So this is the story of our first campaign with this DM, our second meeting, it's homebrew, we have a half-elf Druid (me), a Tiefling Barbarian, and a forest deity R


So this is the story of our first campaign with this DM, our second meeting, it's homebrew, we have a half-elf Druid (me), a Tiefling Barbarian, and a forest deity Ranger whose forest is dying.

Some crazy Drow have blown up a mine and captured a bunch of miners, and this halfling priest asks us for help, we oblige. While in the mine we come across a cavern with a rickety bridge over it, Tiefling shoots an arrow with his rope attached to a post on the other side as added security so that even if the bridge collapses, we don't fall. My character is of course the one that collapses the bridge, I don't fall, but the Ranger does, and the sound wakes up a giant centipede that heads straight for her. I scurry the rest of the way across and the Tiefling tries to swing down on his rope to grab her. He fails, centipede continues on its path toward them so I use DruidCraft to distract it and send it away. 

They safely make it up the enclosure to the side where I am, we continue until there is a room with 2 Drow and a dog that is there pet. Barbarian wants to fight them even though we are all pretty wounded from previous encounters, the rest ensues as so.

Me: So is there a minecart? Since we're in a mine?

DM: Sure.

Me: Okay cool, everyone get in the minecart, I'll be right back. 

Others oblige and I run back to the enclosure and use DruidCraft to get the attention of the Giant Centipede again. It begins to follow me but I make sure I'm a good distance ahead of it and hop in the minecart, rolling to see if we remain undetected, we do. The Centipede goes straight into the room, poisoning the Drows dog before being slaughtered. One Drow is upset and tries to leave with the dog to help it, exiting the room and walking away from the minecart.

Me: I want to move the minecart.

DM: Go for it, but it's old and rusty so it'll take some effort.

Me: Everybody rock your bodies to try and wiggle it loose. 

Rolls a two, so nothing happens.

Barbarian: I've got it.

Proceeds to lodge his sword into the tracks and use the leverage to absolutely LAUNCH us. (He rolled a nat 20)

We slam full force into the Drow who was trying to save his dog, killing the dog the rest of the way, and abosolutely MUTILATING him in the process. 

We decide to interrogate him for answers. Barbarian tries to intimidate him, rolls a 2, fails. My Druid tries to intimidate, rolls a 3, gets called racial slurs about being a half-elf. Ranger, decides to scare him, removes her hood, (she's a forest deity that's forest is dying and its manifesting on her body so she's a lot of rotten branches.) Rolls a 1, literally scares him into a heart attack and he dies, so we don't get any answers.

Moving on to the second Drow, I sneak up with my Quarterstaff and bash him over the head full on Rafiki style, and we tie him up to get answers, when he wakes up.

A draft runs through and burns out all of our torches, Ranger is absolutely BLIND in any kind of darkness, I cast Create Fire to relight our torches, accidentally setting her on fire, since she's a tree. Barbarian puts out the fire with the unconscious Drow.

Once he wakes up we manage to get our answers, and then find and save the miners after killing him, because loose ends and all that.



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