DnD Story #256 – Underdark Variety Hour


Hi! I had a pretty fun session last week I think makes for a good story. 

Our level 15 party of four consisting of a female satry cleric, human female fighter, human female sorcerer, and male elf ranger (me) have been stuck in the underdark for quite some time. We had originally made our way down in order to free our sorcerer from a contract her parents made with a supposed demon when she was a child in order to save her life. Turns out the true culprit was a Tiefling underdark crime boss who makes a habit of getting people to sign away their souls. We accepted his offer to go out and collect a few debts (souls) owed to him in order to get our sorcerer off the hook and prevent her from being sold off as a nobleman’s bride. 

We were given access to supplies including a run-down collection of circus wagons along with a decanter of enchanted demon blood that can magically create living creatures for a time. Making our way to a neighboring city in order to secure one of the signatures we need, we find that the noble house she belongs to hosts a performance troupe that has entertained the city with their circus acts for quite some time. We decide to create a competing but different act in order to get their attention but create as little conflict as possible and hopefully open up a dialogue. 

Using the demon blood we create creatures from the surface world we think would be very interesting to citizens of the underdark including a dire ape, otyugh, gryphon, and a giant eagle. Our sorcerous acted as the ringmaster, theatrically announcing our arrival and attracting the crowd. I decided we should enact a romantic, swashbuckling adventure piece in which our human fighter was taken captive by the dire ape who is using the other creatures as its minions. Our fighter engaged in soap-opera tier ham fisted acting reminiscent of old black and white movies, throwing her hand over her eyes and fainting in the arms of the ape. 

At that moment a thunderous CACAW splits the air as my ranger, long hair flowing and totally shirtless soars down from the darkness on the back of the giant eagle like a scene off of a terrible romance novel cover. Soaring over the crowd and raising my enchanted sword to the sky it glows with a white light as the eagle and gryphon collide and a fierce aerial combat ensues before the gryphon is “slain”. Gusts of wind buffet the crowd as the eagle lands and I dismount, racing towards our fighter who has miraculously awoken and broken free. We stage a desperate fight against the beasts eventually emerging victorious and dipping into a dramatic fake kiss that drives the crowd wild. Our stoic cleric watched it all unfold, mouth agape and speechless. It was an amazing and hilarious session that was basically pure RP with very little dice rolling. The exception of course being my performance check with advantage that was still a 3. The plan worked, but my acting got ridiculed pretty hard. 


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