DnD Story #257 – Low Blow!


Another Dragon Age tabletop story. So, our party ends up tangled up with a pirate captain who, upon learning one of our party members knows where the fountain of immortality is, kidnaps him and sets off to find it. The party treks through a dungeon filled with dangerous encounters to save him. As the last point has a narrow crawl space as its entryway, we send the smallest party member through as a scout- my elf, Midna. She crawls through and finds herself face-to-blade with the captain, Santos, and becomes captive with the other party member, Calix. They make their way into the final room and encounter a room full of desire demons, one of which immediately ensorcells poor Midna. 

Fast forward, and the rest of the party has made its way in and nearly 2/3 of the party is fighting alongside of the desire demons. We keep failing our will saves. One party member, our warrior, Thea, is free of the spell, and her player looks at the DM and says, "Okay, so pain can give an advantage for breaking the spell, right?"

The DM stares at her for a moment. "Yes…"

The player nods. "I kick Santos between the legs. I aim directly between his legs." 

She hits, sends him to his knees in agony, and breaks the spell on him. Midna, now free of her enchantment, does the same to another party member. With so many men ensorcelled, its our best bet for getting them back on our side, and it works.

So, essentially, we beat the desire demons by kicking our guys in the nuts to knock them to their senses so they would fight on our side again. It was GREAT.



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