DnD Story #258 – Ridiculous D&D stories

So this totally happened while I was Dm'ing and i just had to share this.

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Okay, so, I just witnessed one of the weirdest D&D experience I have ever had as a DM. Two of my characters were captured and held prisoner in a castle by a bunch of drow. Of course they broke free of their bonds and then started making their way through the castle. But as they go along they find different rooms and such then one of them spotted a kitchen, where in said kitchen they found a box of cookie like pastries and one of them (having the a child's mind and an intelligence of 4) wanted to take them and seeing as though they did no harm in having them they took the box. Well soon after they encounter a platoon of guards with the captain of the guard. (both captive characters happened to be barbarians) As one wielding a stolen spear (while enraged) says angrily "WHERES THE EXIT" and made an intimidation check rolling 1 and the guards begin mocking him and laughing at him. Then the other walks into the room while gnawing on a cookie and says i roll one too, to which he looks at the guards and says plainly as could be "I have cookie" and being as it was it was the end of the days so I said screw it and he rolled a natural 20. And it was then that the guards and their captain all ran screaming in panic. At that moment I had the most dumbfounded stare at the players as they practically rolled on the floor laughing. I have never seen something so ridiculous and random happen. Anyway sorry for the long post just had to share.


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