DnD Story #258 – Slumbering tank

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So, im playing a homebrew as a lvl 6 barbarian orc with a pc saytr necromancer and a npc silverbrow bard. A real motley crew. Our whole campaign has been trying to troll our dm as much as possible. Well the tables have finally turned. We just picked up our npc while looting some caravans and i find a lockett i was told to find for someone as part of a mission. Little did i know, its cursed. Come to find out, who ever opens this lockett has visions of  Babaou, a saytr god, who were tracking down. Apparently, the visions are mind altering and can drive you mad or make you faint on a failed will save and are completely “random”. So now before every combat or anytime a strength check would be needed, i gotta make a will save for the visions. And i fail. Every. Single. Time. My supposed waking visions have now turned into dreams at every possible worst opportunity leaving most combat to the underpowered bard and ranged necromancer. Being pissed off as a character with no solutions and the previous owner not wanting it back, i hucked the lockett in the woods on our last flight on our undead dragons, then burned down the forest and flew miles away. I just found out i still needed it to undo this curse and now im screwed for the foreseable future. Fml.


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