DnD Story #259 – Im a dude now

The story of how a gerudo turned into a male


So heres how things are. Im in a legend of Zelda homebrew type of thing. So my character is a Gerudo, which if you dont know is a race filled with just women. So we are doing this puzzle area and there is blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and a comb. And depending on the roll of a d6 you get, a different thing is done to your characer. So first our kokiri goes and puts the lipstick on. They roll and a spell is placed on them that makes thair tongue too big for their mouth.

So next I go, pick up the comb and proceed to roll. My DM starts laughing.
Dm:okay so, with the little hair you have, it goes from red to green!
Me:okay, we can live with that.

I then pick the blush up roll again and everything got silent, before a roar of laugher comes out.

Dm: oh dear jesus youre not gonna be happy.
Me: What? Does my skin turn purple or something?
Dm:No no worse -sets the scene up- "so as Sera (my characters name) puts the blush on, you see their entire body change, your face and body become more masculine. Sera, youre now a Male.
Me:-jaw drops and laughs along with everyone in the group- WELL this is okay. Im still getting my harem set up, i have two wifes already XD

so yes. That is the story how my Character that comes from an all woman race, became a man for doing their makeup. And some effects were perment, but the kokiris tongue went back to normal.


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