DnD Story #260 – Sorry about the tree

But then I turn around to see the head priest weeping...


There were four of us contracted to rid a nature god’s temple of a harpy problem. We didn’t realize the scale of the problem until we got to the temple, a tree over 600 feet tall. We had an Aasimar hexblade, Aasimar Ancients paladin, High elf arcane archer, a dwarf forge cleric (me), and a wood elf eldritch knight whom we rescued from the harpies on the way up.  We see that the tree is leaking a black sticky sap that we determine is flammable and reacts poorly to anything holy. On the way up we kill several harpies, four of which the archer was kidnapped by, and I keep a harpy egg for later. After a while we reach the highest part of this tree temple we see a golden metal gate covered in vines and the black sap is everywhere. Well, I decide to get rid of the sap by using sacred flame on it. This did a bit more than I intended. All the black sap in the tree originated from this point and now it was all burning. The entire tree is being consumed by a holy flame the like a Christmas tree covered in gasoline. We begin to flat out book it down the tree and the harpies begin to evacuate, carrying what eggs they could with them. The archer is unhappy as he sees the last purple harpy escaping. I successfully capture her attention with my captured egg, but this turns her into an avian missile aimed directly at me. I decide to use my shield as a makeshift sled to get to the bottom faster as she completely ignores the other party members. As I reach the bottom I roll over, interpose my shield as cast shield of faith on myself. Before he makes the attack the gm informs me that she is going to die, but this next roll will see if you die too. He rolls the attack, and the harpies beaked face pierced my shield and turned the rest of her to gore. I thankfully survive this and begin to celebrate. But then I turn around to see the head priest weeping, on his knees, watching his temple burn to the ground. Oops. 


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