DnD Story #27


Great tales ehh? Ok im the DM of our group and we brought in a new player who had played once before. So we get him setup with his class race etc. So him and the party that consist of a dwarf cleric, a human fighter, a halfling rogue and the new guy a highelf wizard are going down a trail when they encounter an ogre and 2 half ogres at a range of 50 feet in front. So everyone excluding the wizard went to hide in the trees and by some miracle passed their stealth checks, but the wizard stood dead in the middle of the road, and taunted the ogres. While that was going on the rogue fired his crossbow with a nat20 against the big ogre, and took out an eye. The cleric then prepared a spell that lets him cast 3 fireballs at once. The fighter used a javelin and hit 1 oh the hOgres for half health, the last one and the big ogre were enraged and targeted the elf. Big ogre threw a tree but failed to hit. The rogue fired again and hit the other hOgre for half health. Now the Cleric, he rolled a 1 on his first and 2nd roll and set his tree on fire, his second hit a branch he was on on fire. His third rolled a 2 so it went at his feet. The fighter who was in the tree tried to do a backflip so i asked both to do and acrobatics check and rolled a 14, mr dwarf rolled a 1. So the rogue was a across the trail about to take another shot when he witnesses a tree bust into flames in three wooshes and the human jumping off normally into a bush while a armored dwalf falls out with his boots on fire, head first. The wizard hasnt moved but he watched the ogres get closer and angrier and the tree bursting into flames. The rogue shoot a crossbow into the big ogre again into his knee and is now down to 12 hp. And so the wizard cast magic missile and leaves the 1st hOgre on 3 hp, the fighter charges in and completely destroyed the other hOgre. The cleric passes his saving throw and is now back alive. So the rest of it is just them cleaning up. But yeah the new guy nearly got slaughtered by the ogres if it wasnt for the Rogue


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