DnD Story #35


Happened recently in a game I was taking part in. We had a tiefling Paladin, a copper dragonborn fighter, and my half orc paladin. We are at the beginning of a campaign and get had just chased something into a clearing. Above us is a spaceship (campaign so far has been centered around aliens that took all of the character magic out of the world). I decide to take my javelin, lash on a sword tip made from the same mysterious metal as the spaceship that I looted earlier in the game and put some help rope on the end. I make the strength check to throw the Javelin the 150 feet to latch on. We tie it to a tree and try yo make the ship crash. The ship picks us up with it and we climb in. We are met by 4 of the aliens, 2 on the right, 2 on the left. I rolled lowest initiative and went last. I asked for everyone to focus on the two aliens on the left. Come my turn, the two on the right are still rushing me while my party takes on the two on the left. I 0ull out my staff of Thunder and Lightning and use lightning strike. I end up taking out both of the aliens, and on my turn again I rush the last Alien that was left and split his skull with the staff. Sadly we then got captured by a mind flayed that appeared. Taken to prison, we find that we are in some cells with walls of light. I rush ot, get electricuted, and then our dm let's the dragonborn eat the electricity that made up our cells, making his next strike roll 4d8 (I think it's d8) instead of 1 with his next breath attack. Waiting to see what happens next, now


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