DnD Story #38


I was playing with a group who had grown tired of our dungeon masters repetitive openings. For the 4th time that week and second time in the same campaign “our party comes across a tavern, the room quietens as you enter and you make your way over to the bar keeper asking for any local tales or work. In hushed whispers he explains that people have been rather wary around here after the smoke began rising over the mountains out west” at which point our rather drunk warrior (and in game barbarian) decided he would punch the door… after some confusion and frustration our DM allows him to roll for it and the natural 20 meant that his punch not only rocked the foundations of the bar we were in but caved the building in on us trapping the party indefinitely. Since then we have had no shortage of variety. In short violence is not the answer. Pointless aggression on the other hand gets results.


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