DnD Story #46


My party was a halfling ranger, half orc paladin, and a human druid. The druid isn't involved in this, but the hafling and half orc were. This was towards the beginning of our adventure, as we had just had our first run in with a bearded demon, and were looking to get out of town, and quick.

As we were leaving town, we made our way by a farm, in which we step inside to buy a couple of horses for our party, so we can make our trip obviously shorter.

The half-orc Paladin, and the Hafling Ranger walk into the front of the stable looking for horses to buy, our druid decided to stay outside and play with some bunnies. Talking to the farmer the farmer states that he can sell us three small horses for about 200 silver. We oblige, now as the half orc leaves the stable entrance to go get the horses from the farm hands. the halfing ranger demands that he gets the money back for the horses. Intimidate check: Nat 20 farmer proceeded to give him all of his money in his possession, about 50 gold in total. Outside goes the ranger to meet the rest of the party. sooner rather than later, the farmer comes back with the town guard, and tells the guards that we stole the rest of his money, and were going to leave with the horses. Paladin says that we paid 200 silver for these horses fair and square, roles diplomacy :Nat 20 farmer is then hauled off to jail for lying and fraud, farm hands provide us with 3 big horses, and more money for our troubles.


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