DnD Story #49


>Be Dm running his first home brew campaign

>Party has reached a town that our half elf rogue swashbuckler has been trying to reach for awhile now

>frost brand was once a sacred weapon to her people (moon elfs) but now a local warlord had it

>Naturally she goes to steal it with our Ranger

>I had been rolling for weather lately for an experiment.

>I rolled for thick fog

>Like thicker than oatmeal fog

>So with that and gloves of spider climbing she practically walked into that mansion

>Manor guards couldn't see shit

>They avoided a few servants and make it to his trophy room

>I made him out to be a winter themed character so I had in the room aside from a few various items Boots of winter land and White dragon scale armor.

>Trying not being obvious I was describing items in the room

>Described boots of winter as "furry boots."

"Dm I swear to god those had better not be Uggs."

>She took the sword and left a decent magic item soley because she didn't want to have any thing associated with Uggs

Tfw they barely escaped the manor leaving Uldritch the warrior of winter with just Ugg boots


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