DnD Story #51


I'm an elf barbarian turned werebear. Having a fight ontop a lighthouse. The dm wasn't expecting us to win, having made his villains quite the team combo ( Later revieled to us that it was supposed to be a no-win scenario) but we managed to push em back! One villain portals out and the other leapt off the lighthouse! He had a sword I wanted that changed into two forms. One boosted AC and one boosted ATT. My thought process was " well if he believes he would survive then I can too!" So me being a big friggin bearman jumped off! The dm's jaw nearly hit the table. And then he took out a bunch of d6's… my face was full of fear.. " what is that for?" " fall damage" was his reply. " I can't do anything? No checks to land?" " You jumped off a lighthouse. Even if you land on your feet you'd get pretty hurt!" And of course.. the villain casted featherfall. And my big furry butt fell past him. But get this.. every SINGLE d6 was a 1! I had more then half health! Recovered quickly and grabbed the man! Unfortunately to keep a level 3 character from having an uber weapon, the mage from before came back and portals out with her friend after casting sleep on me. But man.. what a first game that was for me.


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