DnD Story #55 – I Was A Boss Fight

Made a Knight for the party, found a magic weapon, spiraled from Lawful Good to Lawful Evil in 3.5e. Eventually became a Death Knight, and ally to the main enemy.


So to skip most of the backstory and fluff, this character was very heavily inspired by Nightmare from Soul Calibur. That should give you an idea of what he looked like at the end. Big difference though? Two swords. Monkey Grip is great. Epic Levels are great. We were having a grand time.

The fight in question was in the middle of a great war that the party was involved in, on the side of the living and/or uncorrupted. Being that they were all still alive at the time, that was only to be expected. My Death Knight came for a keep with a horde of undead following him, granted to him through Leadership feats on top of Death Knight ability. I had nearly 200 HD of “random standard undead” that followed, according to our DM.

First thing that happens, party tank (Minotaur Barbarian, ~300 HP) charges toward me. Being Undead and very, VERY heavily armored, he had quite a difficult time doing any damage to me. I, on the other hand, could and did still critically hit him at least twice within the full 8 attacks I had from both my swords, and he turned into paste in that round of attacks. All rolls were made in view of both involved players, the DM, and any players who decided to watch that exchange. He was not very happy with that, and it showed when the party started to lose their steam. He offered a suggestion to stop the melee-heavy blitz train that I was.

“Hey [Druid Player’s Name], don’t you have Reverse Gravity?”

I didn’t have any ranged capability on that Death Knight, and that was one of two weaknesses he had. The other was Atonement. They won the hard(er) way.


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