DnD Story #56 – A glorious campaign finale

My character dies hard


So my party was myself a half-elf fighter, a human paladin/sorceror/dragon diciple, a gnome arcan trickster and a human cleric. This was the finale of a very long running campiagn our party being on average level 16, the BBEG(a cyclops lich if i remember) had been seeking these dragon orbs and had finally gotten his hands on one and as the party found him he was starting a ritual to give him control of the red dragon he planned to summon. I roll well on initiative advance on the lich and down a potion of enlarge person, on the liches turn it walks up and touched me and i was asked to make a fort save. Natural 1. I am parylized for several hours and effectively taken out of this encounter. Up next our arcane trickster casts telekinesis and decides to hurl my giant heavily armoured body at the lich and infortunately misses and hurling me into the dragon portal at the back of the room. At this point i give my character sheet a once over and I inform our DM that the black dragon orb is in my inventory, releasing an ancient black dragon into the fight and condeming my fighter to be sealed in what we dubbed "the elemental plane of dragons".

As compensation for this first round ignoble death the DM gave me control of the dragon for the ensuing tpk.


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