DnD Story #57 – Fiiiiiiyaaaa

The origin of the expression, "Open door, cast fireball, close door", at least among my gaming group.


This story is from a session of Pathfinder (based off D&D 3.5) playing with Mythic rules.  I was playing a human sorcerer by the name Sammthan Tarmikos.  Our party had leveled up a bit and I finally reached level 6, which of course means I have as part of my arsenal the spell “Fireball”.  Itching to try it out, but stuck in a bit of a dungeon crawl with spaces potentially too tight to be considered Fireball safe zones, I finally got my chance.  Also, having some Mythic ability I decided to increase the potential damage.

Anyway, our party sneak had approached and stealthily opened a door, peered inside and quietly closed the door again.  His character looked at Sammthan, said “Fireball?”, Samm said “Fireball”.  Samm began casting the spell.  As the casting was reaching it’s conclusion, he quickly opened the door, I threw the fireball into the center of the room and he slammed the door shut.  Turns out the room was mostly full of Dire Wolfs or some such canid.  I can’t remember the damage output, but it was pretty impressive for a level 6 character.  The DM described the sound as a pleasantly loud “WOOOOMMFF”, and I imagine the door creaked a bit when we opened the door to find ashen outlines of the critters on all four walls with none surviving.  Apparently, the DM expected us to be stuck dealing with that encounter for a bit.  We still occasionally get reminded of this with players saying, “Open door, cast fireball, close door”.  Sometimes they even include “Profit” at the end.



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