DnD Story #58 – D&D Adventures

Elmo Hietala


Okay so, Me and 6 friends started one campaign. We have dragonborn monk (me), dragonborn paladin, 3 humans one is rogue, one fighter and final is wizard. We also have thiefling rogue and tabaxi druid. So basically we entered death house and just did basic exploring, nothing interesting happened until our tabaxi made it to third floor. Our thiefling was searching one room, i searched another one and our tabaxi checked one small closet. A broom started floating and knocked out our tabaxi, rest of our party ran upstairs while i as a monk without healing spells decided to avenge her and engaged in combat and well i was knocked out as well xD me and tabaxi both got restored because everyone else missed their attacks, and i then used my acid breath on it and it melted. We kept going on and we realised that outside it looked like it had fourth floor, so me, our human rogue and human fighter all attacked the roof upon our heads and as we thought there was a fourth floor. Me and our other dragonborn assisted all of our smallest party members to the floor and one of them managed to find hidden stairs so the rest of us got up. We found a doll house which looked like exact replica of the house we were in and maanged to find enterance to the underground level thanks to it, so we all advanced. When we got in to the storage room, nothing too special really didnt happen, until we made it to the back of the current dungeon. Our party separated in two, me, our dragonborn paladin and thiefling rogue were one and rest of our party were another. The other group happened to face couple of ghosts which managed to take out our human rogue almost killing him, our other dragonborn tried to help but well she faced a mimic door, i went to close to the mimic and decided to scare it buy saying “omae wa mo shindeiru and rolled nat 20, mimic didnt beat it and even tho it didn’t talk somehow mimic managed to say “nani!?” and combat started. Our dragonborn almost got eaten but thanks to our teamwork we managed to beat the mimic. Our other group also won all the ghosts cause our tabaxi druid turned into wolf and gave herself a feast. We decided to take the mimic door with us if it would be useful. We all went downstairs and saw an iron door. Our tabaxi druid went to look for a way toto open it, i tried to open it by strenght with our human fighter, dragonborn paladin but didnt work, in the end we proceeded to attacked it, i used my acid breath and our other dragonborn used her ice breath, our wizard attacked it with spells, nothing really worked. Our human fighter decided to go help our tabaxi out, meanwhile our human rogue jumped on my shoulders in order to try to find a way to open it, but it was useless. Our tabaxi managed to find secret door which hold the lever to open it, we didnt know because they were so far away so i decided to throw our human rogue to the door, it didn’t work xD our tabaxi got the door open so we all entered. There was this certain altar which our fighter decided to investigate triggering multiple shadow figures to demand a sacrifice, luckily we had the mimic door to sacrifice which we dragged from upstairs. No harm came. Rest of our party decided to leave besides me and other dragonborn, we were incredibly curious about one certain thing, which we decided toto leave at peace what was a good decision. Two level 2 dragonborns probably wouldn’t do much against shambling mount xD



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