DnD Story #60 – Vartok The Unnecessary

The group I'm part of decided to do a ridiculous campaign in Pathfinder. It was a Gestalt campaign starting at level 15....


The group I’m part of decided to do a ridiculous campaign in Pathfinder. It was a Gestalt campaign starting at level 15 with the ability to make your own race as well (up to 15 RP as listed on the Pathfinder Race Builder.) Everything Paizo was allowed, just no 3rd Party stuff.

I’m the type of person who absorbs content like it’s nothing and i always make notes of what could be a good combination of characters. So after my Sorceror/Oracle was killed I decided to roll up something for the sole purpose of “because I can”.

Enter Vartok The Unnecessary. A Bloodrager/Mutagen Warrior from the depths of d20 hell  designed to frustrate all DMs.

For anyone who doesn’t play Pathfinder, bonuses to ability scores only stack if they are from different sources (Enhancement, Morale, Luck etc.)

Vartok was level 17 and had started with an 18 strength. We all got the amount of gp to spend that is listed per level so I had a lot to work with.

Thanks to the class selections Vartok would get bonuses to his Physical Ability scores from Enhancement, Morale, Inherent, Alchemical, Size and Unlabelled.

With the ability bonuses from the Race Builder, plenty of enhancement items and the proper selection of abilities Vartok ended up (fully Buffed out) with a strength of 53, a constitution of 48 and a Dexterity of 46. He had +51 to hit on his highest BAB and could do around 600 points of damage on a full attack. This foiled the entire encounter the DM has put together because Vartok was capable of dealing enough damage to bypass the DR of the BBEG which was supposed to only be able to be Injured by a mystical sword we would locate during the campaign.

Needless to say this annoyed the hell out of the DM to the point where it ruined the fun for everyone else (not my intention) so I voluntarily killed him off after the first session with him as he was way to OP and frankly kind of boring since he was in actuality a 1 trick pony.

The DM has also stated that once it’s completed he will never again host a Gestalt campaign like this.

I feel like this is the only time I’ve truly “won” a role-playing game.


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