DnD Story #66

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So, my friends and I are currently playing this campaign and have come to this small fishing town. Our party consists of a Red Dragonborn Paladin (LG), a Human Fighter (NE, the paladin thinks he is CN), a Gold Dragonborn Barbarian (CN), and myself a Drow Ranger (CN). Something has been attacking caravans that have been traveling by the town and due to this no one is allowed out at night. So, we decide to investigate the happenings of this town. So, we, along with two NPC Guards head out to where a survivor said he was attacked and it’s a cave. While we are there we get attacked by some dire wolves who we start attacking. After we have killed two of them there is a howl off into the distance and the wolves run away. The Barbarian and myself go investigate the howl, while the Fighter heads back to town and the Paladin stays in the cave. So, the Barbarian and I find this trail where something/someone was attacked by something larger than a Dire Wolf. We decide to continue following the trail and find a peasant who tells us to not trust the bartender and then dies. We continue on the trail and find the only survivor of the attacks who gives us information and confirms that the bartender is a werewolf and that’s where our part ends. Our ranger on his way back to town gets attacked by the bartender and kills him and grabs the head for evidence as he was killed mid transformation and he then meets back up with us as were both close to town. While this is happening our Paladin, who is in the cave gets attacked by the two guards as they are both werewolves (they don’t transform during the encounter). He then proceeds to defend himself and one of the guards (well call him M and the other L) rolls a Nat 1and gets Horrible Aftermath (roll 2 more times and take both affects). His first roll is he stuns himself for 3 turns and then he rolls another Horrible Aftermath. After which he rolls and has to attack L and ends up critting him and killing him. After which we didn’t bother with the second roll because we were losing it at this point and since he was stunned already just killed him. So, the Fighter, Barbarian, and myself head into the town after which a bunch of guards surround us and the mayor comes out. Well he and the Fighter are talking and he decided to attack the Fighter so an epic 1v1 ensues which our Fighter wins. After that happens 5 of the 12 guards that were there rush in to attack us (the other 7 surrendered) and I proceed to loose an arrow at the closest guard and I Crit him and end up killing him in one shot. The rest of the guards see this and decide that they are going to surrender as well. My fighter then gets the while town to pledge allegiance to him.


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