DnD Story #68


I don't remembered the overall goal of the campaign, but we were pretty far in when we stumbled into an elven temple. I was a teifling bard, armed with maracas and a xylophone, and we had a half orc in our group. The fight got rough and I, having low health and not a lot of combat uses other than helping teamates, needed to get out. Our half orc picked me up and three me to the top of a nearby tower with a perfect 20. We were relieved until the dm anounced that I was flung next to an elven overlord. The overload then stomped the shit out of me, dropping me close to lethal. At the time I was inexperienced in DnD and wasn't aware of the stats of an elf. As a last resort I tried to fear him to make him run away from me. I rolled a Nat 1 and the spell bounce back to me. I tried to run away from myself which involved sawing myself in half with a xylophone. Our party fell while stuck in the temple, and I was the first to die.


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