DnD Story #71

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DnD Story. So our DM had created a whole world, in which basically there where 2 continents and a hidden third one almost no one knew about. The third continent was surrounded by an impenetrable mist, that was slowly starting to crack and disappear at parts. Because of this, many strange powerful unknown creatures were starting to escape and wreak havoc. Our party had lost all of our memories, and we knew it was linked to the mist. So we set off to discover why the mist wall was cracking, and what happened to our memories. I was playing what was basically a blighter, which is basically an anti druid, and there was a druid in our party, however, my character had to hide his true nature from our druid, or we would end up being mortal enemies. Every couple of days, I had to suck the life out of all nature around me, in like a 60 feet diameter to sustain my power. So often i would sneak off by myself to accomplish this, and return a couple hours later. We always ended up traveling past the circles of dead nature i created, and it brought our druid to heartbreaking tears. She vowed to find who did this but never did. Which was awesome to play, it really tested our ability not to metagame as well, because of course out of character the girl playing the druid knew i was the blighter, but her character never found out. Anyway, fast forward through the long campaign, and eventually we found ourselves involved in an ancient ritual, we had found out, that every thousand years, the mist wall begins to crack, and this ritual must be performed to either A: Refresh the mist wall for another thousand years, or B: break the mist wall completely. Now from the DM's perspective, there was no wrong answer here, refreshing the mist wall is merely a band-aid, and in another thousand years, people will face this problem all over again. Breaking the mist wall may seem like a bad idea, but in reality its only the true way to fix the problem forever. However, from our parties perspective, the mist cracking had caused nothing but problems, so the right thing to do was to seal it up again. However, my character had never been truly aligned with this party, merely working with them out of convenience to find out what happened to his memories. My character believed the mist needed to be opened, but i was the only one, so while the party debated, i made a run for the glyph that broke the mist wall. None of them could stop me in time, and i managed to completely shatter the mist wall by myself, completely going against every single one of my party member's wishes.


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