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Group comes to a garden whereupon the DM states that there is a gazebo in the center. Noone in the paryy has any idea what a gazebo is, unbeknownst to the DM. The Archer immediately fires and arrow into the gazebo. "Okay… you hit the gazebo, and nothing happens, it's a gazebo." This cues a 30 minute discussion on how to kill the gazebo, that no one has any idea what it is, or thinks to ask any questions. Final solution: Wizard cast spell to weaken gazebo, archer fires flaming arrow into gazebo setting it ablaze, warrior crashes into it with his shield. DM accepts this and says the warrior falls over after slamming into the gazebo. "Did we kill it?" To which the now exasperated DM says "No, it's a fucking gazebo, do you not no what a gazebo is?" To which the reply was of course no. So the DM then gives the simplified description that a gazebo is a free standing porch. "Oh…we wanna kill it anyways"

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  1. This is a very poorly re-hashed story of one posted in Bride of the Portable Hole magazine, where it was not a party, but a single player who didn’t know what the gazebo was. In addition it was during the AD&D days, where death was scarier and firing off that flaming arrow was much more costly than it was here.

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