DnD Story #73

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Not a D&D story exactly but its thw story of how i started DM'ing.

In a game known as URealms, I was DM'ing for some friends, all of their first time. And so in the campaign they decided they wanted to play Ageless, skeleton people with magic to look like their living self, and my one friend kept rolling natural 1's, so finally they get to this room that has 3 panels. 1 Changes a random item in your inventory to a similar but different item, 1 Changes your race, and 1 changes your gender. My natural 1 rolling friend sees two kobolds dual wielding scimitars by them panels and sprints towards them to use an energy punch, and rolled a 1 so he tripped onto a panel changing into a goblin and revealing a hole to a kobold breeding room. At that point that friend quit and so one of the other players took his spot, and during a great rp moment, the one Ageless, who was an elf when living, hated goblins and so he goes to abandon him, and in an act of desperation the goblin jumps on his bsck, rolls a one and impales his head on the ageless elfs spiked shoulder pad


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