DnD Story #74

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So my first time ever playing d&d i decided to play a gnome bard. We started in a metropolis during a summer festival, me being as the bard i am i started playing my lute in front of a stage sense the guards wouldnt let me on. After about three hours of playing (in game), someone finally gave me a silver coin. I was so excited but also very very angry sense only a single person listened, so i decided beat the only man that gave me a coin with my lute. Once the guards got called i ran behind a tavern and my first thought was to create a distraction so i could get away. I proceeded to start the tavern on fire to make my great escape. Rolling a nat 20 the tavern bursts into flames little did i know next to the tavern was a woodcutters shop which also caught on fire. Four in game hours later the entire city was on fire with a little gnome bard running away. Sense that incident i was named a murder hobo by the group. Barron Von Holdiddler the great gnome bard.


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