DnD Story #76


So I was Dm for a group of newer players;

We had a Dragonborn fighter, a human fighter who had a deep hatred for goblins, a tiefling paladin, a half-elf druid, and a dwarf barbarian;

So the group was sent on a quest to deliver some supplies to the next town

Well about halfway to the town they see a dead horse in the middle of the trail with arrows sticking out of it, the druid, who also happen to be good at stealth, sneak up to the horse and notice it belongs to the quest givers bodyguard.

Right when this happens the bushes on both sides begins to rustle so the druid decides the best option is to set both of the bushes on fire to kill some goblins while the dwarf gets drunk of a barrel of mead in the cart and the human fight trying to shoot the goblins (rolling nothings higher than a five the whole encounter)

Later on they follow one of the goblins that survived back to a cave hideout once inside they find a room with 10 goblins and a hobgoblin with a knife to the bodyguard's throat

The hobgoblin makes an offer to let him go if they kill the bugbear who runs the band of goblins,

Well, our human fight decides the best course of action is to shoot the hobgoblin on the face with his bow (keep in mind he hasn't hit anything with his bow all game) roles a 3.

The hobgoblin slits the bodyguard's throat and they draw weapons, at this point, the paladin asks me if he can attack another player, so I tell him as long as he rolls well enough he can but keep in mind the other players might attack you back

The paladin rolls a nat 20 with a mace and knock the fighters head off and then the rest group just keep attacking the dead body till all that's left is a bloody mess

Let's just say that player never did anything that might piss off another player again



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