DnD Story #77

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I played my first game of D&D. Our party consisted of a Dwarven fighter (me) a dwarven cleric and a human paladin. Our first mission was pretty simple. This very sleezy shop keeper asked us to retrieve a case from an abandoned building out of town. This guy was seriously a dirtbag. Barely giving us any gold for our time, even after i tried to roll a persuasion check, which i rolled a 3. So we go into the building and encounter a few zombies and giant rats but we successfully get the case. which we where given specific instructions not to open. So obviously we open it and find a true scroll of raising the undead. We then pocket the scroll and replace it with a piece of broken bone we found and mend the case closed again. So we take it back and get out reward and go on our way. Well after hearing that the shop keeper went on a rampage after finding the scroll lost we also found that he needed the scroll to bring his brother back to life. All in all my first adventure into D&D was a huge success


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