DnD Story #78

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I wanted to share my d and d story. In our group there is a dragonborn wizard, Jin warrior
Half elf assassin
Big ass goliath barbarian
And myself a 2ft halfling life cleric
We were heading to a castle everypne was walk but me i was riding on the sholders of the barbarian. When our dm threw out. 3 bulettes. I was thown off of my ride and into the battle field. One of the bulettes were locked in a grapple with our barbarian and i decided to animal handle it in hope to tame it and use it as a mount. The dm said if i roll high enough 3 times i can keep it. He thought he was being smug because my guy Milo had only a plus 1 on animal handleing. But sure enough i rolled a nat 20. So the bulette was handles by me and it freed the barbarian to help the others. The dm rolled to break out of my handleing and he crit fail. We did this 2 more times with me rolling a nat 20 and him critical failimg. So i ended up with my new pet Sunny Cruz and i used him as a tank and help kill the last bulette. I kept good care of Sunny till we faced a dragon, but thats a different story.


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