DnD Story #80

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This was only my third time playing I rolled a halfling rogue figuring I'll just stay back learning the game while shooting stuff at range. Playing with the creative group I was with that did not happen at all. So we come upon three dire wolves the size of small trucks and I think o a good fight.
I was rolling pretty good that night so I decided to poke the DM a little and of course, my rolls turned on me. So basically what happens is my friend who was a barbarian end up shoulder charging a wolf that "accidentally" sits on me as the DM put it. Being a halfling there was only one place I could end up……. so there I was with my head up this wolf's rear end and my rolls go back in my favor and I turn it on them. I end up stabbing its legs guiding it where I wanted it to go and knock the barbarian to the ground, running it into the 2nd wolf.
#2 gets its neck broken somehow and #1 bleeds out. #3 latched onto the barbarian. I then proceed to leap onto its back and manage to cut it's head off thus saving everyone.
After that's all said and done I think it's a good idea to poke at the DM one last time. My halfling ends up becoming a gnomes sex slave for eternity.


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