DnD Story #81 – The Satyr And The Spiders


In today’s campaign, we had a small party of 3, including a gunslinger and a rogue. We were on a quest to gather ingredients for a spell to save a hero’s life. The ingredients included eggs from a large spider, who spoke goblin and common, and a tuft of satyr hair. So we approach the satyrs run down hut, loudly enough for him to hear us. As he was moving to open the door, the gunslinger positions himself so he can leap in the moment it opens, and the rogue flings it inward. The gunslinger immediately wrestles the satyr to the ground and yanks some of the hair from his backside, and the party flees in joy like it was some sort of fraternity initiation, leaving the poor creature in pain, and lost to what just happened. Now as it turns out the spiders happened to not want to give up their eggs (who knew), and were preparing to attack. The party then diplomatically offers the spiders something in exchange. A small snack. they accept this deal. What does the party do? Return to the satyr hut, who is nursing his backside, as the rogue positions himself at the door, and the gunslinger prepared to launch himself  back in. Repeat the last instance, except this time hog tying him and throwing him in a large sack. Needless to say the party got the eggs without having to fight a hoarde of spiders. The satyr had no such luck.


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