DnD Story #83 – When a Lawful Paladin Partys with the Thieve’s Guild

Highlight(s) from my first campaign (Part 1?)

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Alright so about a year and a half ago I was on my 3rd session ever, we were doing a Tiamat campaign, I was a human paladin.

Our party had met in the tavern but we weren’t a group yet so we were all doing our separate things. I came across a man offering a game of Throw-dice-against-the-wall (DM didn’t anticipate us playing). This guy didn’t look like the most trustworthy guy, so after a few of his really lucky rolls I checked if the dice were loaded, they were. I decided instead of calling him out, I’d see where he’d go. He ended up going into a sewer and I lost him. I knew exactly what to do.

I tell the DM “I spend three hours pressing every brick in the sewer.” One of them opens a sliding wall, I walk through and end up in the basement of the Thieve’s Guild, with all the lowlifes staring at me, nobody making a sound. The leader comes to me and offers a drink, I accept and the next thing I know I wake up in the sewer.

Still  one  of my favorite moments,  got  a few  more if you guys enjoyed


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