DnD Story #87 – The Last Time We Let An Ifrit Rescue Someone

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So my first time playing pathfinder i made an ifrit ranger, he was cast out by his family and found solace in the forest. Anyway, we were a team of a rogue,barbarian, monk, a paladin and me the tiefling. we have a barmaid who worked at our favorite tavern who got kidnapped. We found her located in a basement under a factory. We just finished of the combat and were scouring the rooms trying to find her. We finally find her behind a locked door. Our rogue had no picks and our barbarian was off somewhere else. So i decide to help the best i could. I had a flask of pine oil that i doused the door in and used burning hands to light. This aleted the kidnappers and they came running. Spent IGT about 5 minutes on the combat. The basement filled with thick smoke hindering ours, and the enemies….also the barmaid we were rescuing. After the combat ends we scramble to open the door as she has stopped making any noise and the gm informed us she was a round from death…i kicked the door in easily. Come to find out later my 5’2 ifrit is stonger than the barbarian. And that is the last time i ever made an ifrit.



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