DnD Story #90 – I Think I Messed Up


So, my friends were hosting these bi weekly D&D sessions. At first, i was really busy and couldnt attend, but around November I was finally availible and made a very role play heavy Dark elf wizard. Coming into this campaign with a fresh, poorly rolled 1st level, and joining a bunch of level 4-6s wasnt easy, especially since I wasn't informed of how little role play people did. (Everyone acted in character, but I did voices and everything, so I stood out) 

I knew about 4 people in this session and today we had a very large one due to the plot line. (It is a homebrew campaign, at this point in the story the PCs are about to help the orc army fight off ths oncoming Dwarven army) The party sets off to go fight this war, and my PC, being so low leveled gies off to help some other NPCs in rescueing some orc children and making sure they are safe, as we set off it ends up just being myself and one other NPC. We get to the docks where the kids will be arriving by sea, and find that the beaches are strewn with burnt corpses, and infact they are children, the NPC thrn proceeds to slit his own throt and I'm left in a very weird situation.

Fast forward a bit, after that gruesome encounter I find 3 orc children, I save them, bond to them and basical pledge my life on protecting them and ensuring they get home safely. These kids are a real pain, and most of the psrty hates them, but myself and our Orc paladin ate sworn to protect them and dont care who we have to fight to save them.

The latest session we go to, our Orc Paladin can't attend. Our party is set up in a ship, sailing back to the Orc homeland, we get an encounter with another pirate ship, we fight them off, and I go to check on the kids. Sure enough, they ate okay but they managed to get ahold of these pellets. (Some are smoke pellets, some noxious gas) so thry begin to mess around and its getting difficult to control them in the chaos. So, I decide to cast minor illusion of their chieftian, and impersonate his voice, I succeed the bluff, amd ask the to drop the pellets for me. The DM rolls an INT check for them, rolls a 3, a they proceed to empty the pellet pouch onto the floor. Noxious gas spilling out, killing the three of them… I think im gonna join the NPC and off myself…


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