DnD Story #92 – How a mini boss became my wife

A lost mine of phandelver campaign where our party uniquely dealt with a mini boss

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I was playing the lost mines of phandelver campaign a while ago, our party was a human rogue, an elf wizard, a half elf ranger, dwarf cleric, half elf sorcerer and me the tiefling bard. So we get to an encounter where I think orcs or kobolds were mining and a female drow was looking over them. We set up a hallway to funnel them and our wizard places a metal net on the floor and prepares shocking grasp for them to step on, the fight goes well, we funnel most of them fry them up nice and clean. Then as we head down the stairs I see the female drow, and I say ‘the beauty of the stars don’t compare to your eyes’ roll a 19 and I got a few bonuses for my persuasion, swoon the drow. Later turns to be a doppleganger, which I gloat about to all my party members about. Skip a couple of adventures, the doppleganger now holds my child as she stays in female tiefling form until the pregnancy carries out. And thats how we skipped fighting this doppleganger and I got a wife.


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