DnD Story #95 – One Way To Solve A Werewolf Problem


So, my campaign was in a village that had a Werewolf problem. Essentially there were a bunch of people in the town who didn't realize that they were lycanthropes. So we had to figure out how to seperate the werewolves from the general populace. We figured out that the best way to do this was to have the townsfolk lick silver, and if they got sick then they would be a werewolf. 

We went through the town making the villagers take the test. We got most of them, but of course there were a few stragglers. The town had a party every month on a full moon, so we went to that party to round up any last ones. As a secondary security measure, we got the Blacksmith in the town to ground up some silver and put it in all the drinks. Just enough to get them sick. When we got there we saw one guy looking like he was in pain. 

Now there was about 30 people in the barn where the party was, so we couldn't let him change. But we couldnt fight him, because it would be too dangerous for the villagers. We were trying to get the villagers out, but the moon was rising, the pen we put all the werewolves in was too far away, so we needed to act fast. 

Now just to let you all know, I had just started playing as a Monk in the Way of the Drunken Master tradition, and that tradition adds your proficiency to the Performance skill. So, I asked my DM if I could use that skill to try something. He said sure. 

Me: I run up to the werewolf and started getting everyone to chant "Chug! Chug! Chug!"

*Rolled an 18*

And thats how I gave a werewolf a terrible hangover. 


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