DnD Story #97 – Forget the city. Save the leg

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In my current campaign, we have a Dwarvish wizard named Phildric Shiltersbard. His eyes face opposite directions, his legs got turned into donkey legs, and of course, he’s a raging kleptomaniac. One day we stumbled upon the beautiful, spacious city of Ironhaven. Naturally, Phildric wanted to cause some mayhem and went exploring. He found a tattoo parlor with two green flames outside. He decided he wanted to summon a familiar, and needed somewhere to do so. He gathered the ingredients and put them in the fire. Moment later, his familiar appeared, extinguishing the fire. He then looked over to see a sign that said something along the lines of, “Come see our famous eternally burning green flames!” He quickly waddled away to avoid any confrontation. A couple days passed and he returned to re-summon his familiar. On the door, there was a wanted sign of him. He panicked and grabbed the sign (not before extinguishing the fire again,) and waddled into a nearby alleyway. This continued for a while. The wanted signs kept getting more elaborate. Professionally painted signs, mosaics, etc. As most campaigns go, we met some evil cultists and wound up sucking up the city in an evil portal of doom. We were running through the soon to be destroyed city, Phildric and my character were carrying the remains of our beloved Dwarf NPC when Phildric saw it. A beautiful life-sized statue of him being sucked into the ever-widening portal. He almost took off running for it, (and probably would’ve if we didn’t stop him.) He was heartbroken. A year passed in-game and we visited the ruins of the city. There, in all it’s glory, was the statue’s severed leg. Unfortunately, the townsfolk were now exploding zombies. Phildric risked his life for that leg. He still has it proudly displayed in his pocket dimension. 


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