DnD Story #98 – One Shot Shenanigans


So, it was a group of three with a new DM who had a one shot adventure ready for us. Lineup was gnome bard, human monk, and dwarven cleric (me)

Party was on the road when we meet a traveler who was tending to dead guards and a carriage ransacked by orcs. Not far from the scene we find the sole survivor: a young boy who says the orcs have gone east and his father would pay us handsomely if we return him. Deciding money over bounty, we first take the boy back home.

When we approach the manor, we are greeted by a guard who sends word to the earl, the boy's father. Moments later party is greeted by the chamberlain and drags the boy away without paying a single coin. In the distance, we hear the man utter the words "….or you'll get the beating of your life." Bard wants to save the boy, but we notice half a dozen guards aiming at us with crossbows. Begrudgingly, we leave the place and meet with the traveler, named Jack Flanagan. Jack is actually an apothecary traveling to help those in need.

Evening comes, and we decide to wipe out the orcs. Jack tells us that he has a poison we could use to slay them. We come up with a plan: bard distracts the orcs with a song which, by my suggestion, was about how orcs are incredibly ugly. Monk sneaks in to poison their food, while I remain close to her in case things got ugly.

We find an orc encampment (there was a dozen of them) and we got to work. Bard keeps them distracted with his song and challenges their leader to 1v1. We roll initiative.

The orc leader pokes the bard with his spear. While the orcs are distracted, the monk successfully poisons their food but she is soon spotted. Bard was getting low on HP so I make my way to him and cast Shield Other. The situation looked dire and if we didn't flee, we would have died.

A brass dragon arrives and kills the orcs. Turns out, she was in pursuit of the orcs because they plundered her hoard. When I realized it was a female, I tell the bard "Namfoodle, work your magic!" Bard rolls Charisma to seduce the dragon….and succeeds. 

Epilogue: Monk travels the world to become stronger. Strong enough to kill a dragon with one punch. She eventually became known as the Dragon Fist.

The cleric was inspired by the bard that night, and traveled the world as a poet and storyteller. Grunver Irontotem from then on was known as the Dragon Tongue.

Lastly the Bard, Namfoodle Garrick, flew away with the dragon and freed the boy from the evil earl and chamberlain. He became known across the lands as the fabled Dragon F***er.



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