DnD Story #99 – Its a Boy!

Ever wanted your own baby dragon as a moon elf hard? Read on to learn how

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Our DM had had it with our stuff.  She was done.  We would thwart her plans every time she made them in the best way possible.  So she sent a chromatic dragon after us.  It was a green baby dragon.  As we were level three, this was a big target to send our way.  It comes out of the darkness and stumbles into camp.  We freeze. The DM looks smug as she says roll initiative.  The rogue asks if he can do a skill check first, and so do I. (I’m a moon elf Bard)  we both approach the dragon slowly and shout, “SON!”  The DM looks furious as she tells us to roll persuasion. We do and get 20s.  The dragon, from then on, believes he has a moon elf dad and an Elf dad.  It…was an awesome campaign.


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