DnD Story: A bit too suicidal


I recently killed half of my players' party. Well, I mean both of them wanted to die, but still. See I started this campaign with 7 players, but due to a combination of a fallout in a social circle and conflicting schedules I was left with 4. So as they go to town, the Dwarf barbarian intimidates a medium leveled bouncer into basically letting him have run of the place. All while another character a Elven Mystic, (jokingly referred to as David Blaine,) was hustling some local drunks out of some money. All the while my Aarackora Grave domain cleric is attempting to help the local populace. Fast forward about 5 minutes the Barbarian is in what was once a well and is now more of a makeshift sewage dump, along with an adult male begger he promptly murdered and the beggars dog he is trying to adopt, forcibly. The Aarackora has drawn the ire of the local populace by infecting the local river, David Blaine is wanted for swindling a mobster and the Divination wizard is just along for the ride. Fast forward one hour later the Barbarian has killed the Cleric, the Mystic has been killed by a cartel, and the Divination wizard is suicidal.



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