DnD Story: Adventure of Anhurdyn


Alright, so I'm playing a homebrew campaign in 3e as a Chaotic Good ranger named Anhurdyn, and I've got a pet wolf named Africa. Now, my DM hates this wolf. Thanks to some nonsense, it's got a THAC0 of 14, and it has been nothing but a godsend. My DM isn't one to take away a companion outright, so he just wants her to die. Well she passes all sorts of checks and such, but the best thing to happen by far is when our latest boss fight was ended because I told Africa to kill a tank by eating his ass out, pardon my French. Well my DM says i have to get a Nat20 for her to do it, and there it lands. So she tears this man asunder and then he lets me roll to intimidate the other adds, and I roll another crit and then our wizard and fighter collectively focus the boss and end that poor man's life.



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