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Our party is made up of a dragon kin bard, a half elf wizard, and two homebrew characters: a spirit inhabiting a glass jar and a bolotnik/human rogue. 

Toward the start of the campaign the 4 were riding down a mining elevator with their newly obtained horse who was nameless. 

Bolotnik: “we should probably name the horse.” 

Dragonkin: “that’s a weird thing to do before you eat something.” 

Wizard: “we are not eating the horse ffs.” 

Bolotnik: “how about Peppercorn?” 

Floating jar: “let’s see if he already has a name. DM, can I speak horse?” 

Me: “…” 

jar: “I spent a lot of time in the enchanted woods!”

Me: “roll… a nature check?” 

Jar: *nat 20*

Me: “… and an intelligence check for fluency.” 

Jar: *nat 19* 

Me: “sigh… ok, you manage to create a small illusory horse and through a series of head bobs, hoof stomping and snorting, you ask the horses name. The horse replies in kind, “Good afternoon, levitating master. It is good to be able to hold conversation with you. My species has no use for names, but my descriptors are free, equal, and fast.” 

Jar, reporting back to the group: “he says he’s free, equal and fast.” 

Dragonkin: “That name is weird and also too long.” 

Wizard: “shorten it to FEF.” 

Bolotnik: “FEFFERCORN.” 

Everyone: “FEFFERCORN.”


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