DnD Story: Funny story


So I’ve got a short funny story that inspired my next character.

I was DM’ing a home brew game for my wife and friend.

The party had just escaped a town that was overrun by corrupted monsters, think dark spawn, and had caught a ride on a ship an npc helping them had bought passage on.

2nd night in the boat, my friend decides he wants to hijack the boat for the party, to make some gold off of it. He figures with most of the crew, except for the captain and 2 shipmates, being dead that it will be easy.

So he convinces the 2 shipmates to betray the captain, who he then betrays by alerting the NPCs, hoping they would kill the shipmates. They instead arrest them, sending them to the brig.

The captain of the group helping the party sends my friend to escort and watch over them, since he was the one to alert everyone.

My friend takes this chance to finish the job when no one is around. Except one of the 2 shipmates wasnt gonna make it easy. He fought back, and fought back hard, knocking out my friend after he called to my wife for help. After she arrived, she put up a good fight, damn near taking him out, but alas, it was not enough. She, too, was knocked out.

The NPC party found them shortly afterwards, and were told the truth of the things by the 2 shipmates, causing my friend to be arrested as well, and later conscripted into NPC’s military alongside the 2 shipmates who will now be returning characters.


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